Contact details and Curriculum Vitae
Prof. dr. ir. Herman Russchenberg
   Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Mekelweg 4, Delft, the Netherlands
phone: +31 152786292
Prof. dr. ir. H. Russchenberg has extensive experience in remote sensing of clouds and precipitation with ground-based radar, lidar and microwave radiometry. He is one of the initiators of this work in The Netherlands in the frame of the CLARA-project. Prof. Russchenberg is experienced in theoretical as well experimental research of the scattering process and the retrieval of geo-physical parameters from radar and lidar measurements. He has performed several studies for the European Space Agency, dealing with radar observations of clouds and precipitation. He plays a key role in the Dutch Cesar-consortium. He participated in the Cloudnet program, and in the COST 720 project on integration of atmospheric sensors. Currently, he is leading the cloud-aerosol interaction studies in the FP7 Actris program.

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