Contact details and Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Bas Henzing
Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
Princetonlaan 6, Utrecht, the Netherlands
phone: +31 888662036
Dr. J.S. Henzing has a PhD in physics and is over 10 years active in atmospheric aerosol research. His main expertise concerns the effect of aerosol on solar radiation distribution, including both radiation transfer modeling and aerosol physical and optical properties measurement. This latter expertise was used during FP6 project EUSAAR where he co-coordinated the harmonization process of aerosol optical properties measurements in Europe. In FP7 project ACTRIS, he is the CESAR-responsible person for aerosol physical and optical properties. As an expert on particle number size distribution, he is assigned as member of the European CEN working group that developes the standard for particle number size distribution measurements. At TNO his scientific experience on particle size distribution and optical properties is used for health/impact related studies for (local) governments.

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