Organisation of CESAR

The Scientific Steering Committee coordinates the research at CESAR:

  • deployment of the CESAR site
  • initiation of new projects
  • exploitation of the site
  • coordination with external partners

Daily matters of CESAR are taken care of by the Executive Management Team. The members of the Executive Management Team are also member of the Scientific Steering Committee. Present members of the Executive Management Team are Herman Russchenberg (chair,TUD), Fred Bosveld (KNMI) and Alex Vermeulen (ECN).

Three scientific working groups were installed at the start of CESAR:

  • Clouds and radiation
  • Land-atmosphere interaction
  • Atmospheric composition

The CESAR Program Board interacts with the Scientific Steering Committee to guarantee embedding in

  • the scientific community
  • national and international science progams,
  • and advises on future strategy

Scientific Steering Committee members
Arbesser Rastburg Dr. B. (Bertram)European Space Agency
Bosveld Dr. F.C. (Fred)Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Hensen Dr. A. (Arjan)Energy Research Center
Henzing Dr. J.S. (Bas)Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
Röckmann Prof. dr. T. (Thomas)University of Utrecht
Russchenberg Prof. dr. ir. H. (Herman)Delft University of Technology
Swart Dr. D. (Daan)National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
Uijlenhoet Prof. dr. ir. R. (Remko)Wageningen University

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