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Ulden A. P. van, J. Wieringa
   Atmospheric boundary layer research at Cabauw
Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 1996, 78, 39 - 69, doi:10.1007/BF00122486
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At Cabauw, The Netherlands, a 213 m high mast specifically built for meteorological research has been operational since 1973. Its site, construction, instrumentation and observation programs are reviewed. Regarding analysis of the boundary layer at Cabauw, the following subjects are discussed:- terrain roughness;- Monin-Obukhov theory in practice;- the structure of stable boundary layers;- observed evolution of fog layers;- inversion rise and early morning entrainment;- use of the geostrophic wind as a predictor for wind profiles;- height variation of wind climate statistics;- air pollution applications: long range transport and short range dispersion;- dependence of sound wave propagation on boundary-layer structure;- testing of weather and climate models.
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