CESAR Observatory

The Cesar Observatory is located in the western part of the Netherlands (51.971° N, 4.927° E) in a polder 0.7 m below mean sealevel. At the site a large set of instruments is operated to study the atmosphere and its interaction with the land surface.

The Cesar site is used for:

  • Monitoring of long term tendencies in atmospheric changes
  • Studies of atmospheric and land surface processes for climate modeling
  • Validation of space-borne observations
  • The development and implementation of new measurement techniques
  • Training of young scientists at post-doc, PhD and master level.

Three universities and five major research institutes collaborate in Cesar. It is the focal point of experimental atmospheric research in The Netherlands.

If you have any questions about this website or request for additional pages, please contact Henk Klein Baltink at KNMI (henk.klein.baltink@knmi.nl). Also if you are a member of CESAR and don't have the username/password for the member section, please contact Henk Klein Baltink.

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2014-OCT-07: ACCEPT Campaign

During October and the first half of November 2014 the TROPOS institute executes the ACCEPT campaign in collaboration with TU-Delft and KNMI. ACCEPT is performed with support for Trans National Access (TNA) from the ACTRIS project. Click here to visit the ACCEPT weblog.

2014-JUN-02: CESAR flyers

Both an English and Dutch version of the CESAR flyer have been published (click on "other" under "Publications" in menu to download).

2014-JAN-15: Report on 40 year Cabauw research

An overview of research conducted at the Cabauw site in the past 40 years has been published as a KNMI report (click on "reports" under "Publications" in menu to download).

2013-SEP-19: CESAR Science Day 2013

On 19th of June 2013 a CESAR Science Day was organised at KNMI. The presentations and posters have been posted on the website now (click on link in menu section Consortium).

2012-OCT-26: Symposium 40 years Cabauw

In october 1972 the Cabauw mast was officially opened after a few years of preparation and building. For more information click on the link in the menu on the right.

2012-MAY-21: PEGASOS Campaign

In the second half of May 2012 CESAR Observatory is the main focus of the PEGASOS Campaign. Click here to visit the project website.

2012-APR-25: TNA opportunities

Presently there are Trans National Access opportunities within the 7th framework project ACTRIS. Click on the "collaboration" link in the menu for more information.

the 213 m. high meteorological tower

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